Demag’s IC-1 Remote system for mobile remote access to crane data

The IC-1 Remote cloud solution from Demag enables remote access to and diagnosis of all relevant crane data from any location – including online troubleshooting. The system expands the possibilities of the IC-1 Plus control system to incorporate mobile remote access to relevant display parameters.

In technical terms, the IC-1 Remote system consists of a radio unit with a SIM card that is connected to a central cloud server where all crane data is transmitted and stored. Via a web browser, authorised users can retrieve and process this data for the crane and fleet management. The data can be accessed at any time and from any location, and also from any terminal device, such as stationary PCs in offices, mobile tablets or smartphones with internet access.

There are several advantages of the IC-1 Remote system. It enables Demag customers to manage their cranes and fleet in an efficient and data-driven manner, with visibility of the crane's location and all operating states: from the load weight on the hook during an operation to the main boom length, complete with boom angle and hoist speed data, to the fuel level and the oil and coolant levels including temperatures. The IC-1 Remote thus enables the owner to trace exactly which work the crane has performed, and how long it was located at a specific site. With this data, the system can even support invoicing.

The IC-1 Remote further allows the definition of specific parameters – such as hoist service hours or critical oil level thresholds – and trigger notifications when these are reached. This enhances coordination of service intervals, and improves planning security for crane job allocations. All information is available in the cloud, where it is permanently stored and secured against unauthorised access.

On the start page of the online system, authorised users can see at a glance all the cranes in their entire fleet that are connected to the IC-1 Remote network. They can read whether a crane is ‘logged in’ to the system, when the machine was last connected, whether it is currently in operation or whether error messages or alarms are displayed. It is also possible to call up geographical map data such as the location of the crane or the distance travelled.

In addition to access by crane operators, it is also possible for Demag Customer Service to provide support services via the IC-1 Remote system. A Demag Service team member can access the control information and run a fault analysis in the background while the crane operator continues working. Faults are registered online without interruption to the workflow.