LiuGong 922E and 922F crawler excavators

The sixth generation LiuGong 922F excavator features integrated technology, intelligence and environmental protection. It has an operating weight of 23,400 kg, a standard bucket capacity of 1.1 cu m, and a maximum digging depth of 6,700 mm.

The 922F offers the latest electronically controlled hydraulic systems, consisting of a main pump with large displacement, low-speed, high-torque engine and main electro-hydraulic proportional control valve. The machine is also designed with improved hydraulic flow distribution, greater operator control and more precise operator placement of bucket or attachment, increasing quality of performance and operational efficiency. The auto engine shut down and integrated work modes help owners to easily get higher productivity and enhanced fuel economy.

The cab is spacious for comfortable operation and better visibility. A 10-in LCD screen integrates 3D machine control options and a dig assist system to optimise job productivity and efficiency. The machine’s operation is also improved with single pedal drive for straight travel, follow-me mode, pay-load system, and smart maintenance.

In addition, the E-series LiuGong 922E excavator is equipped with 2D allowing operators to reach target grade with greater precision. The highest reach is 6.4 m and the lift capacity for both front and over side reaches up to 2,980 kg. The machine’s ROPS/FOPS pressurised cab with advanced climate control and 10 air outlets circulate air through cab, ensuring operator comfort even during long working hours. The machine features an operating weight of 23,370 kg, a 1.0 cu m standard bucket capacity, and a 6,562 mm maximum digging depth.

Six work modes for various applications will ensure the 922E excavator can achieve maximum hydraulic and fuel efficiency. The power boost system increases hydraulic main relief pressure by 8.5% for extra lifting and digging performance. In the cab, a large LCD monitor display with interface audible sound alerts operator to low fluid levels and high-level machine warnings. The monitor is fitted with excavator diagnostic feature and maintenance menu. Moreover, the travel camera mounted on counterweight provides the operator with an excellent view of what is behind when travelling.