Xingtai Road & Bridge builds expressway with Ammann Universal plant

Chinese contractor Xingtai Road & Bridge Co has utilised an Ammann ABP 400 Universal asphalt plant to produce mix for the reconstruction and expansion of the Xinjiang Wukui Expressway, a key component of the Belt and Road Initiative - a global development strategy adopted by the Chinese government.

According to Ammann, the ABP 400 Universal was its first plant sold to Xingtai Road & Bridge. The unit’s green features, including a fumes mitigation system, were believed to be key drivers of the purchase.

“The Ammann ABP 400 Universal is the largest and most environmentally friendly plant in Northwest China,” said Qingyu Li, manager at Xingtai Road & Bridge. Other environmental benefits of the plant include reduced sound and dust levels and an ability to utilise recyclables.

The focus on sustainable production has become a cornerstone of Xingtai Road & Bridge’s business. “It helped us build our brand awareness in the Xingiang region,” said Mr Li. “Furthermore, we won a bid in the southeast coastal area, which is highly regulated for environmental protection. The Ammann plant and the success on the expressway were key to being considered for the project.”

The Xinjiang Wukui Expressway, a crucial link to Kazakhstan and Europe, was said to be a high-profile project that drew plenty of attention. The Xinjiang region connects China to its neighbours, and is considered the western gateway to the Middle East and Europe. It is also rich in resources – yet sparsely populated. Roadbuilding here has reportedly been slow to occur, but now is moving forward and proving vital to the region.

It is quite challenging to pave the area due to its cold winters, and this makes it all the more urgent to maximise production in the months when the weather is favourable. “Thousands of kilometres of expressway construction need to be built in the short summers,” said Mr Li. This led Xingtai Road & Bridge to operate the plant near or at its capacity of 400 t/hr during that time.

“The project required a plant that was consistent and produced mix at the highest possible output. The ABP 400 Universal did this and completed the project ahead of time,” he said.

Quality was also important, and the plant delivered on this front as well. “The quality of the mix and the finished product are excellent,” said Mr Li. “The plant was also able to provide mix to other customers, providing even more profitability.”

Ammann said Xingtai Road & Bridge has been so happy with the ABP Universal plant that it purchased another model – the ABA 320 UniBatch. The unit will soon be installed on a project, featuring a highly efficient drying and heating process that conserves energy and ultimately reduces costs.