My Sandvik customer portal – easier, faster, and more efficient

The My Sandvik customer portal supports the construction business in the digital management of their business operations with Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology - safely, easily and efficiently.

My Sandvik has been in use since 2017, providing on-line instant information and a large array of services related to the customer’s Sandvik equipment. It offers a 360-degree view of the customer’s fleet.

My Sandvik centres on each customer’s fleet. This makes finding the relevant information easier and quicker. The customer can browse digital parts catalogues, bulletins and manuals at their convenience.

The electronic parts catalogues gives secure, immediate access to parts manuals, as well as to digital operator, maintenance and service, and repair manuals. Thanks to its ability to quickly identify the source of malfunction, it is possible to swiftly find the right spare for every situation. Parts items are shown on a diagram to enable quick location, price and availability check, quotation request and ordering.

The fleet data monitoring functionality offers the customer online access to My Sandvik Insight and My Sandvik Productivity reports, providing vital, up-to-date accurate data and interactive tools which support the customers’ operations in an efficient, performance-enhancing way.

My Sandvik is globally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support ease and efficiency of operations and maintenance. The latest version of My Sandvik is designed for even faster speed, while maintaining the full range of services welcomed by customers around the world.