Sandvik Rock Tools offers latest digital solutions

My Rock Tools Track and My Rock Tools Drill are part of Rock Tools Digital Services offering from Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, gathered under the concept ‘You’ll Never Work Alone’, aimed at helping customers make their drilling operations more productive, sustainable and efficient.

My Rock Tools Track is a groundbreaking tool to digitalise customer operations, while My Rock Tools Drill is an interactive drilling simulator that can help companies optimise their drilling practices by demonstrating the impact correct settings have on rock tool life and performance.

My Rock Tools Track

My Rock Tools Track (Track) is an entirely new digital solution to capture tool performance data in real-time. In addition to ease of use and flexibility, it allows for more accurate decision making and increased productivity.

Historically, key customer data such as the cost per meter, number of used tools and rock tool performance has been captured manually. Track makes this entire process digital, allowing for quick and easy data input and constant up to date monitoring of drilling operations, giving customers full visibility. This enables for real-time analytics and problem solving, even while being off-site.

“We are very proud to be able to present such a powerful new work process. Track helps us improve our service offering globally and is a powerful tool in all aspects of our contract support - for example, productivity enhancements and logistics. In addition, by using Track, the number of trips to a site to collect data can be optimised, which leads to great improvements both in terms of safety as well as in our environmental impact”, explained Rickard Andreasson, commercial manager at Rock Tools Division, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.

Thanks to Track, Sandvik customer representatives can spend more time on business support such as continuous improvements, benchmarking and training, in order to reach higher productivity as well as efficiency. According to Sandvik, this solution is currently being introduced in a number of markets, such as Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Canada and the United States, and over 25 customers have already started using it with great results.

My Rock Tools Drill

Using a mobile interface, the interactive simulator My Rock Tools Drill helps Sandvik’s customers get a deeper understanding of how correct settings impact both rock tool life and performance. It is available for Top Hammer, Down-The-Hole and Rotary applications and demonstrates in an easy way how to maximise productivity in different ground conditions.

“My Rock Tools Drill is a great way of showcasing to our customers how rock tool performance can be enhanced in the form of classroom learning. Customers that have had training using the solution go back to their drilling operations with a greater understanding of how different rock tool practices affect their productivity and total drilling cost”, said Charles Macfadyen, product manager for digital solutions at Rock Tools Division, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.