ChemGrout CG-050M manual hand pump for easy operation

The skid-mounted ChemGrout CG-050M manual hand pump is easy to use, designed for smaller jobs using high viscosity slurries and most pre-packaged grouts. The unit’s rugged, lightweight aluminium construction offers mobility in areas where no air or electric power sources are available.

The CG-050M features a large 19-l holding hopper and durable 2-in piston pump that produces discharge head exceeding 45 m (ideal for vertical lifting). The manually powered, positive displacement piston pump can disassemble quickly without tools for simple cleaning and maintenance.

The CG-050M provides more than 14 bar of injection pressure, and an output capacity of 7-11 l/min. The unit weighs only 24 kg, measuring 44-in long, 11-in wide and 31-in high.

This heavy-duty ChemGrout CG-050M is one of the models in the company’s mini-series compact grouters. The range is intended to be simple and productive, suitable for a wide variety of construction and restoration projects.

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