Brokk BCP planer for controlled material removal
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Brokk offers its BCP planer attachment for controlled material removal on walls, floors and ceilings for cleaning, renovation and restoration applications. The three models in the BCP series are specially designed to work with Brokk remote-control demolition machines, and feature up to seven times the speed of handheld options while providing better precision and safety for grinding, brushing or removing concrete, glue, carpet, tile and other materials. Hood and vacuum connections are also available, enabling operation in contaminated environments such as asbestos and nuclear applications.

The high-efficiency BCP planer offers contractors a new option for quickly and precisely removing deteriorated or contaminated concrete, adhesives or other materials in a number of applications including industrial cleaning, abatement, bridge repair and many more. With a maximum cutting depth of 0.64 cm per pass - 1.3 cm combined - and automatic levelling in all directions, the BCP planer provides high-quality, even removal across a wide area, unlike handheld options which often give uneven results. For hazardous material removal, this creates significant savings by removing only the contaminated material and reducing waste handling costs.

The BCP planer features 360-degree rotation, which allows contractors to work at any angle - including overhead - for maximum efficiency. A selection of cutting drums for different operations enhances versatility. And with drum replacement taking less than five minutes, contractors can quickly switch from removing concrete to removing plaster, glue and asbestos.

The BCP planer is fully remote controlled from the Brokk control box, increasing operator safety and comfort over handheld options. In overhead applications, the BCP planer and Brokk’s remote-controlled technology offers greater safety by moving crew members outside the danger zone, eliminating the risk of falling concrete and scaffolding missteps. An integrated dust suction feature that works with the contractor’s pre-existing vacuum system boosts safety further by capturing harmful dust particles.

The BCP planer comes in three sizes designed for specific Brokk models. The BCP 215 pairs with the Brokk 110 or 120D. The attachment has a 25.4-cm drum and a stroke length of 129.5 cm. The BCP 250 pairs with the Brokk 200 and has the same drum width as the 215 but offers a slightly larger working area with a travel length of 152.4 cm. The largest in the series is the BCP 350, designed for the Brokk 300, 500 and 520D. This model has a drum width of 33.2 cm and a stroke length of 139.7 cm.