Carmix temporarily closes production site in Italy
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In view of Covid-19 situation, the Italian manufacturer Carmix has temporarily closed its production site in Noventa di Piave, Venice, following the Prime Minister’s decree to stop all non-essential production activities. This is part of the government’s emergency measures in slowing down the spread of the virus.

Nevertheless, Carmix stated it will continue to support its customers, dealers and stakeholders by focusing all efforts on its sales network and online training.

Carmix is a global leader in off-road mobile concrete batching plants and self-loading concrete mixers. Its sales network and supports services are available around the world - in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

In the company’s announcement, Carmix also stressed that its entire sales network and support services, whose contacts are available on its Facebook page, have taken steps to be always by their customers’ side. In addition, area managers are launching various initiatives, such as online training for technicians and dealers, thereby ensuring that Carmix expertise and products continue to be known, as well as providing the knowledge and strategies needed to produce quality concrete.

Manuela Galante, Carmix marketing director said, “Although our production site will remain closed in coming weeks, following the Italian Government’s directions, we will continue to support our customers and partners. Carmix has always aimed at creating a close-knit, active community, as can be seen from our Facebook page with over 204,000 followers. It’s in tough times that a community proves its worth, because it can keep people together and activate initiatives such as online training.”

During this difficult time, the Galante family’s company further reinforces the concept of Carmix Family and encourages all members to stay in touch and united.