New Stepstar semi lowloader from Goldhofer

With the Stepstar series, Goldhofer has added a new generation of self-tracking semi lowloaders to its extensive range of heavy-duty and special transport solutions. These three- to five-axle semi-trailers offer innovative features such as an intelligent load securing system, a practical range of accessories, and a user-friendly operation. The vehicles can be used for everyday haulage operations, with maximum axle loads of 12 t and payloads of up to 70 t.

Thanks to their advanced design, the self-tracking Stepstar semi lowloaders come with an excellent payload-to-weight ratio. Goldhofer said this result has been achieved through weight reductions in comparison to comparable vehicles, resulting in a higher payload of 1 t or more. 

“With the Stepstar, haulage and construction companies now stand to benefit from significantly more efficient and economical utilisation of their fleets,” said Rainer Auerbacher, head of transport technology at Goldhofer AG.

For maximum service life, the new semi lowloaders are fitted as standard with rugged low-maintenance premium components, including low-maintenance axles and landing gear from BPW as well as tail support legs with convenient foot operation and automatic height adjustment, and an Ermax LED lighting system for good vision and high visibility in the dark especially during bad weather. The high degree of standardisation means that spare parts can be obtained quickly and easily if required.

The intelligent lashing system on the Stepstar semi lowloaders provides almost infinite flexibility for securing loads in compliance with the most rigorous codes. It comprises a large number of anchor points and lashing rings, not only on the frame but also in the excavator boom recess and on the gooseneck.

In addition to Wader container pockets and drive-over recessed lashing lugs on the tail, the entire deck is also fitted with lashing rings (RUD Optilash Fix 10 t) that retract into the frame. As a special highlight, an optional extra is available in the form of pocket stakes on the gooseneck for form-fit load securing. Another useful accessory is the TraffideckGO deck covering, which combines enhanced load security with reduced lashing requirements.

Designed for flexible transportation to and from construction sites, the extra long and wide excavator boom recess on the Stepstar has no cross members and is open to the rear. This makes it possible to carry even bigger excavator booms while simultaneously reducing overall height, a major advantage on routes with height restrictions. “The bottom line here is fewer hassles with permits and more cost-effective working,” said Robert Steinhauser, Goldhofer’s director of sales for Europe and North Africa.

Loading and unloading are equally fast and simple operations as the new semi lowloaders come with light and long ramps, which are suitable for almost all self-propelled cargos, with simple adjustment for increasing the width to 2,990 mm or sliding the ramps completely together. The advantages also include a low ramp angle and a ground-friendly lowering mechanism. The ramps, which can be retrofitted as required, also offer fast and easy mounting and removal for fuel savings on the return journey and flexible use within the Stepstar family.