Demag equips AC 45 City, AC 55-3 and AC 60-3 cranes with Flex Base

Demag is following up on the success of its AC 45 City by also equipping the AC 55-3 and AC 60-3 all-terrain cranes with Flex Base, a stepless variable outrigger system. The company said this decision was made due to “positive feedback from its customers, and in line with its goal of making the models perform even better in a broad variety of scenarios.”

The Flex Base system provides a competitive advantage, as it enables cranes to extend their outriggers to any point within their available range, all the way to surrounding obstacles and get the largest possible outrigger base in any scenario. In combination with the IC-1 Plus control system, this means that cranes are able to carry out even more lifts from positions that are otherwise simply unreachable.

In order to make the stepless variable extension system possible, Demag also made modifications to the outriggers’ steel structure and the IC-1 Plus control system software.

“We integrated the Flex Base function seamlessly into our IC-1 Plus crane control system,” said Michael Klein, product marketing manager at Demag. “We keep hearing from customers who are thrilled with how intuitive and easy to use the IC-1 Plus system is, so we made absolutely sure that this would continue to be the case.”

Moreover, the online IC-1 Lift Plan planning tool for PCs and mobile devices supports users to prepare for lifts in advance. This tool makes it possible to determine the exact position and configuration of the crane at the work site under consideration of the load being lifted, so that every crane job can be as fast and cost-effective as possible. The IC-1 Lift Plan planning tool is available for free after registering online.