Conexpo: Astec to showcase innovative asphalt plant equipment

One of the highlights at the Astec booth will be the Voyager 140 ultra-portable, compact asphalt plant built around a Double Barrel drum featuring Astec v-fights. The v-flights in the drum provide greater uniformity of the aggregate veil during the drying process, which results in better heat transfer, a reduction of fuel use, and increased productivity. Thanks to the Double Barrel drum, the Voyager 140 plant is capable of producing mix with up to 50% RAP content.

The new Astec Versa Jet burner is a reimagined asphalt plant burner that takes an evolutionary leap forward. One versatile platform can be quickly configured to fire at 25, 35 or 50MM BTU/hr with just a few adjustments. This versatility means the burner can be easily relocated to a different plant if the need arises. Ideal for retrofit applications or anytime versatility is required, the Versa Jet fits any drum configuration.

Another highlight will be the 1/8 scale model of a complete Astec M Pack relocatable asphalt facility, featuring the double barrel XHR high RAP drum capable of producing mix with up to 65% RAP content. For Conexpo, the M Pack model is enhanced with an augmented reality experience providing insights into the many benefits in Astec plants and equipment.

Astec will also showcase its SiloBot Inspection Service – a safe solution for silo inspections. Using the Astec SiloBot robot, a trained inspection technician can stay safely outside of the silo while performing a thorough inspection of the silo interior. According to Astec, a SiloBot inspection takes less than two hours to fully inspect all silo welds, while a traditional inspection takes much longer to only inspect the bottom third. With regular inspections, users can perform preventative maintenance that extends silo life.

For remediation markets, Astec will display a model of a Vacuum Assisted Thermal Desorption System. It has been developed in partnership with Envirosoil Limited as a means of treating waste drilling mud/cuttings to reclaim on-spec drill mud oil, ready for use in new drilling muds, as well as clean water that meets water standards for various uses and treated solids that can also be used as a recycled material. 

Based in the US, Astec manufactures state-of-the-art asphalt plants and is believed to be the only manufacturer that offers a complete line of portable, relocatable and stationary asphalt plant equipment as well as soil remediation equipment.

Astec booth: Central Hall (C-30336)

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