Conexpo: Terex Cranes to bring rough terrain and flat-top tower cranes

Among the highlights from Terex Cranes at Conexpo is the TRT 80US rough terrain crane, featuring a maximum capacity of 80 USt (72.6 t) with a main boom length of 42.1 m. It is equipped with TEOS (Terex Operating System) to increase job efficiency. The crane’s compact design eases transportability, improves manoeuvrability in crowded or confined job sites and also while performing indoor lifts. 

The TRT 80US has four steering modes and three telescoping boom modes to ensure the right set-up. Two are the jib configurations, 8 and 15 m. The crane cabin comes with a new steering column, new dashboard and a 10-in display. LED lights are also part of the standard machine. Several options are available: four cameras (the video is integrated in the main display), radio remote control, and T-Link telematics platform (saving cost, increasing productivity, timely technical assistance, and its statistical information provides useful indications to improve the crane management).

The new TEOS is the next generation of Terex control system that enhances the previous technology through a completely new man-machine interface. Terex has developed this new operating system based on two main principles: to keep the functionality that customers appreciate from previous models - like operating range limiter, engine automatic throttle, and integrated diagnostics – and to improve information flow, usability and maintenance.

Flat-top tower crane 

The Terex CTT 472-20 flat top tower crane is equipped with the company’s new slewing technology, T-Torque. It is a fully customised system that aims to help crane operators find the best fit to their driving style, from smooth movements to very prompt reactions, matching the well-known Terex SK model’s behaviour.

Delivering increased jobsite versatility, the CTT 472-20 can be configured with TS212, HD23 and H20 masts (respectively 2.37-2.28-1.95 m widths), so customers can efficiently manage component inventory while cost-effectively meeting tower height needs.

Offering an extended variety of options, the CTT 472-20 tower crane gives customers 11 different jib configurations from 30 to 80 m to meet various jobsite applications. With its competitive load chart, the crane delivers a maximum 22 USt (20-t) capacity at a length reaching 27.7-m and can hoist up to a 4.9 USt (4.48 t) load at the maximum 80-m jib length. The Terex Power Plus boosts operating capacity by an extra 10% when needed.

The CTT 472-20 is also fitted with a fully adjustable comfort seat and joystick controls with short stroke length to offer a comfortable work experience throughout long shifts. Built-in heating and air conditioning maintain consistent cabin temperatures, regardless of working in below freezing winter temperatures or the heat of summer. The large, full-colour 18-cm display with anti-glare screen provides operating and troubleshooting data to the operator.

The crane’s hoist, slewing and trolley speeds are designed so operators can move and position heavy loads efficiently and precisely. The crane’s new control system features expanded configuration options, allowing the CTT 472-20 to quickly adapt to different jobsite needs and reduce assembly time.

Depending on tower configuration, the CTT 472-20 crane provides a maximum under hook height of 92.4 m – offering competitive heights with the advantage to shorten erection time and lower costs at the job site. Optimised for transport, all tower segments come preassembled with durable aluminium ladders for efficient erection. Each jib section features an independent lifeline to aid with safe work at height installation, and the galvanised jib walkways deliver increased operating longevity.

The CTT 472 is built ready for installation of available zoning, anti-collision systems, cameras and the next generation of Terex tower telematics, T-Link.

Terex Cranes booth: Festival Grounds (F-7376)

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