Conexpo: Goldhofer transport solutions for heavy loads

Goldhofer will exhibit its transport solutions for oversized and ultra-heavy loads, including the PST/SL-E 6 heavy-duty module, STZ-P 9 semi low-loader and STZ-VL 3+1 low-loader semitrailer.

The PST/SL-E heavy-duty module is ideal for transporting very heavy loads, even on a challenging terrain. Its electronic multiway steering makes the self-propelled vehicle highly flexible and manoeuvrable.

Whether towed (THP), self-propelled (PST) or a combination of the two (ADDrive), Goldhofer’s heavy-duty modules offer many benefits such as low deadweight, low-profile decks and a high bending moment.

The ADDrive combines the advantages of a towed vehicle with those of a self-propelled heavy-duty module. This avoids the need to transfer the cargo from a road transport vehicle to one or more self-propelled vehicles, which may be necessary several times on certain routes – for example when crossing bridges with low load limits or on twisting roads with narrow bends.

The Goldhofer STZ-P 9 highway semitrailer features 3x3 pendular axle bogies, with a loading length of more than 27.5 m. The vehicle’s hydromechanical forced steering and robust pendulum axle technology allow for a steering angle of up to 60 degrees and a maximum axle stroke of 600 mm.

The STZ-P 9 can work on narrow roads with tight bends as well as on uneven and potholed road surfaces. Its rear bogie can be retracted under load, so the vehicle’s length can be reduced when the situation requires and then use a tractor to re-extend it. As such, the STZ-P 9 can be deployed in city centres.

The hydraulic axle compensation of the STZ-P 9 results in easy loading and unloading with a wide range of cargos, with or without the use of a crane. Also, axle spacing between the bogies can be adjusted for operations in locations where different approval regulations apply.

In addition, the Goldhofer STZ-VL 3 is suitable for carrying heavy loads - such as excavators and other heavy items - thanks to its high axle load, low deadweight, huge steering angle and longer decks.

The STZ-VL lowloader semitrailer is designed for quick and simple front-end loading and, in spite of its low deadweight, the vehicle is able to transport very high payloads. Thanks to the reduced difference in height between the deck and bogie, cargos with a small angle of approach can also be transported.

With a suspension stroke of 270 mm and a steering angle of 45 degrees, the STZ-VL has the manoeuvrability to cope with any situation on the road. A flip axle can be added for extra versatility and it also provides the flexibility to manage jobs on routes that cross state lines with changes in regulations.

Goldhofer booth: Festival Grounds (F-7310A)

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