Lead8’s Kiara Bay masterplan showcases eco-friendly township in KL

Global design firm Lead8 recently celebrated the launch of the Kiara Bay masterplan - joining UEM Sunrise and Melati Ehsan Group for the official unveiling event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The 73-acre masterplan is poised to transform one of Kuala Lumpur’s earliest townships into an inspiring eco-living destination. Located next to the popular Kepong Metropolitan Park that covers 235 acres and nearby the historical 1357-acre FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia), the new development offers a first-of-its-kind living experience in Malaysia’s capital.

“Our design has been informed by the significance of this site in Kuala Lumpur. To be located along one of the premier and most popular lake parks in the city is quite special. As such, sustainability and liveability have been the two main drivers of our masterplan – creating an eco-aware community which celebrates its biodiversity,” said Meeta Patel, co-founder and executive director at Lead8.

Lead8’s masterplan seeks to emulate the balance of city, nature and leisure and is comprised of three main districts – The Waters, The Walk and The Village. Embracing the 140-acre lake at the heart of the site, ‘The Waters’ district is defined by the landmark towers, which provide the visual reference points for the development and sweeping views of the landscape.

The major leisure and retail district featuring integrated office, hotel and serviced apartments sits at the centre of the design. Known as ‘The Walk’, the area is the connective point to the retail destination, MRR2 interchange, MRT link road and a 10-minute walk or three minute cycle to all parts of the township. Anchoring the east of Kiara Bay is the compact community cluster known as ‘The Village’, designed around a lively community park and fronted by a wellness centre, retirement living, community retail hub and education facility.

By activating the lakefront and interconnecting a series of retail, leisure and community spaces, the masterplan seeks to maximise the pedestrian and cycle experience for visitors and residents. Supporting healthier lifestyles, improving air quality and reducing vehicular traffic demand, helps to elevate the long term liveability and sustainability of Kiara Bay.

“Accessibility and sustainable mobility were extremely important in the planning process for this development. These design strategies help create a platform for liveable neighbourhoods and inclusive communities as well ensure the complete offer of Kiara Bay, from healthcare to education, culture, environment and technology, can thrive,” said David Buffonge, co- founder and executive director at Lead8.

According to Lead8, the design has been guided by the EIU Global Liveability Index, Mercer Quality of Living Factors and the UN Sustainable Development Goals emphasising sustainable cities and communities. The design is expected to be implemented over the next decade, integrating with the latest cellular network technology and becoming the home to a population of more than 40,000 once complete.