Three new tower crane models from Terex

The new Terex CTLH 192-12 hydraulic luffing jib tower crane offers a maximum capacity of 12 t, with a jib of up to 55 m and a tip load of up to 2.35 t. This unit features the latest hydraulic luffing technology, which allows keeping its parking radius up to 8 m and working radius up to only 3 m.

The new CTLH 192-12 can be erected with main Terex towers HD23, TS23, TS21 and H20, and is available both for freestanding and internal/external climbing configurations. The crane is equipped with the new control system that enables fast erection and easy set-up, the TPP (Terex Power Plus) and the Power Match.

According to Terex, the CTLH 192-12 will be available in January 2020. It is built to meet to the increasing demand for cranes in highly crowded jobsites and with limited working areas. This new model is also arranged for Terex’s new telematics platform T-Link, which increases jobsite efficiency and reduce operational cost.

In addition, the CTT 172-8 is the latest flat-top tower crane from Terex with a maximum capacity of 8 t and a jib reaching 65 m length. The load capacity at maximum length is up to 1.71 t.

Scheduled to be available in December 2019, the CTT 172-8 is compatible with Terex towers TS16 and TS21, and is available both for freestanding and internal/external climbing configurations.

To meet the needs of different markets, the CTT 172 offers two hoist winch options: 37 kW and 22 KW. This model also features advanced technology in terms of control system enabling fast crane set-up, TPP function, and its data can be remotely controlled by T-Link Telematics platform.

Terex revealed that the CTT 132, CTT 172 and CTT 202 are all part of the company’s important city class range that offers new control system, new S-Pace cabin and additional options like the advanced Terex T-Link telematics platform.

The other new model, the CSE 32, is the first model in Terex’s new generation of self-erecting tower cranes. It features a jib length of 32 m, maximum capacity of 4.4 t, maximum tip load of 1.05 t and hoist speed up to 56 m/min. The crane is expected to be available from the second quarter of 2020.

The CSE 32 is electronically controlled, with intuitive user interface, new TPP function and is ready for T-Link Telematic platform, anti-collision and zoning systems. The model is available in both CE and UL versions, and is compliant with EN14439-REV.1 safety standard.