Wirtgen expands inset paver portfolio with two models

The new Wirtgen inset slipform pavers - SP 124i/SP 124 and SP 124 Li/SP 124 L - deliver sufficient power for paving concrete pavements from 4.50 m to 12 m wide and up to 450 mm thick. Available for global markets, the machines are powered by either a 430-hp engine (Euro 5/US Tier 4f) or a 365-hp engine (Euro 3A/US Tier 3).

These inset slipform pavers allow for cost-effective paving of large-scale concrete pavements, such as highly durable highways or aircraft runways. Due to their modular design, the machines can be customised to meet nearly any customer’s specific requirements.

The SP 124i/SP 124 is the first slipform paver from Wirtgen with a maximum working width of 12 m to be equipped with four steerable and slewing crawler units, which are optionally available with a new slew drive steering system and a steering angle of up to 260°. Thanks to its manoeuvrability, the machine can be quickly and flexibly adapted to the conditions on the jobsite. With this model, it is also possible to pave a surface that is directly adjacent to an existing building.

The four crawler units of the SP 124i/SP 124 can be switched to rotation mode at the push of a button. As a result, the paver can turn almost on the spot and directly produce the next lane in the opposite direction without wasting any time on repositioning. During transport, the swing legs are swung in.

The other model - the SP 124 Li/SP 124 L - also has a rigid crawler unit connection, like the previous model SP 1200. What is new, however, is the higher steering angle achieved by equipping all four crawler units with slew drive as standard, which gives them greater flexibility than their predecessors. During transport, the crawler units are turned in by 90 degrees. Due to the SP 124 Li/SP 124 L’s compact dimensions, the transport dimensions are also relatively small in relation to the performance class.

Both the SP 124i/SP 124 and SP 124 Li/SP 124 L can be configured to suit any application. They feature a wide range of options, such as a self-loading dowel bar inserter (DBI) with fully automated dowel magazine, tie-bar and side tie-bar inserter, or trough systems, each of which is tailored to the different global requirements for inset applications.

Wirtgen’s development of the new SP 120 series of inset pavers also focused on user-friendly machine operation and synergies with the SP 60 and SP 90 series. As a result, the demand-optimised Eco Mode engine management system, for example, helps reduce fuel consumption and noise emissions by adapting performance to application requirements. A tried and tested 3D interface offers reliable compatibility with 3D control systems from leading suppliers, making it future-proof. Furthermore, the efficient WITOS FleetView telematics system provides fleet management, position and condition monitoring, as well as maintenance and diagnostic processes.