Goldhofer updates PST/SL series for ultra-heavy loads

Goldhofer has updated its PST/SL series, which is designed for transporting ultra-heavy loads. A highlight of the unit is the wide range of combinations available with the SL modules. With a full choice of additional equipment, they can be combined to create configurations that are precisely tailored to specific applications.

According to Goldhofer, the previous PST/SL generation was a popular choice for extreme load capacities and bending moment in combination with low deadweights, and these impressive characteristics have been enhanced further in the new version of the vehicle.

The updated PST/SL series features a reinforced frame for an even higher load capacity. The main advantage of the vehicle, however, is the Speedrive option, which allows the drive axles to be operated in a free-wheel mode. Goldhofer said that depending on national regulations, the self-propelled modules can also be towed under full load in order to speed up the overall transport operation. Thus, the Speedrive technology can lead to significant savings in time and operating costs.

Furthermore, the new PST/SL generation offers a full 26% increase in tractive power, added Goldhofer. All of these features make Speedrive the key to even faster and safer heavy-haulage operations.