Ammann lightweight equipment for use in restricted jobsites

The new generations of Ammann ATR rammers and APH hydrostatic vibratory plate compactors provide both the access to confined areas and ease of transport that contractors require.

The ATR rammers feature a low centre of gravity, delivering outstanding forward-moving abilities that make operation effortless. Balance also is improved, preventing tipping and making it easy for the operator to guide the machine.

A patented process enables the rammer height to be easily adjusted, a significant benefit as the operator can continually make modifications to maximise manoeuvrability and comfort throughout the shift.

The handle, the height, proper shoes and enhanced control make the Ammann ATR rammers easy to navigate and operate regardless of experience level. The reduced-vibration handle can be gripped from all sides, allowing easy access to tight spaces. The operator can turn the machine 180 degree to reach confined areas while maintaining optimal control of the rammer at all times.

The central lifting hook device makes the rammers easy to lift, whether they are being transported to another spot at the project site or loaded on a vehicle. Rollers on the handle prevent damage to the truck bed. Optional transport wheels make it even easier to transport the rammer around the jobsite.

In addition, the APH hydrostatic vibratory plate compactors utilise Ammann’s innovative orbitrol steering. This fully hydraulic, intuitive tool provides precise control and results in simple operation. The machine can be operated from behind or, if space gets particularly tight, from the side. The handle can be tilted during operation to further improve access.

The triple-shaft exciter system makes the APH compactors easier to operate while increasing their power and compaction forces. The system keeps plate movement consistent, which in turn enables smooth travel – even through heavy, cohesive soils, and helps overcome steep grades.

The APH compactors can also climb while backfilling saturated areas. Their central lifting hook makes lifting and relocating easy, while large tie-downs secure the machine during transport.