Transport-optimised concrete plants from Ammann

Ammann’s CBT 105 to CBT 150 TB Elba series of concrete plants have an achievable hourly output of up to 128 cu m. They feature fast installation times, easy relocation and strict adherence of favourable transport dimensions to provide low transport costs.

The basic unit can be transported with two 40-ft open-top containers and one 40-ft flat-rack container. Depending on the size, the compact CBT TB Elba mixing plant is equipped with Ammann twin-shaft mixers of the CEM TP Elba series with a compacted concrete output from 2 to 3.5 cu m.

The newly developed linear bin series CEL 25 Elba has the storage capability of three to eight different grain fractions and an active storage capacity of 75 to 100 cu m. It allows a wide range of applications, particularly when considering the container transport dimensions.

Depending on requirements and customer preferences, the CBT TB Elba mixing plant can also be optionally equipped with the linear bin of the CEL 35 Elba series from the Ammann portfolio with a storage capacity up to 210 cu m.

The individual scales for cement, water and aggregates and the optional additive scale are electrically and pneumatically installed ready for operation. Up to six cement screws can be connected to the cement scale.

The aggregates were dosed and weighed on the installed weighing belt and then transferred to the inclined conveying belt. The performance of the inclined conveyor belt is designed to reach short cycle times and therefore a high concrete output of the mixing plant can be achieved.

All installed plant components are connected as much as possible and pre-installed both electrically and pneumatically. During assembly, the concrete-mixing plant will be unfolded, erected and the already pre-assembled weighing unit will be mounted on top.

The erection of the CBT TB Elba concrete-mixing plant requires only a simple concrete floor slab. Foundation work is completely eliminated. For the cement silo assembly, optionally foundationless solutions up to 100 t silo size are available.

Ammann added that good accessibility for maintenance and cleaning work was also considered in the development of the CBT TB Elba and reflects the customers' previous positive experience with Ammann concrete-mixing plants.