Grove GRT8100 and GRT655L rough-terrain cranes

Manitowoc’s 100-t capacity Grove GRT8100 rough-terrain crane has a 47 m five-section main boom, which provides better reach and increased versatility. The crane also features the Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS) with its user-friendly interface, for easier and more efficient operations. Other features include a tilting cab and impressive load charts.

With a full complement of boom extension and insert options, the GRT8100 offers a reach of 77 m. Both 10 m and 17 m manual and hydraulic offsettable extensions are available, as well as a heavy-duty 3 m jib that can be offset to 40 degrees. 

The Grove GRT655L is a smaller 51-t capacity crane, yet it boasts similarly outstanding capabilities. It has a 43 m five-section boom, giving it a reach advantage of 8 m over the closest-competing model, according to Manitowoc. This longer boom gives it a maximum working radius of 36 m and a 80% greater chart capacity than competing cranes at that radius, said the company.

The GRT655L’s exceptional chart capacities, manoeuvrability and longer boom length — combined with its compact 3 m by 12.8 m footprint — make it ideal for rental companies, where versatility and flexibility are key considerations. For greater customer choice, Grove also offers a regular boom version of the crane, the GRT655. This is built on the same platform as the GRT655L, but with one less boom section, for a total main boom length of 34.8 m.