Dressta TD-15 and TD-25 crawler dozers

Dressta’s new TD-15 crawler dozer delivers maximum versatility through a wide range of frame structures and blades. It offers an operating weight of 20,760 kg, maximum draw pull of 535.3 kN, blade capacity of 3.8 cu m (angle blade) to 5.95 cu m (semi-U), and maximum ripper penetration of 600 mm (multi-shank) to 762 mm (single-shank).

The new load sensing steering provides more precise blade and ripper control and reduces fuel consumption by up to 10%, said Dressta. The TD-15 also has a new cab design that greatly improves operator comfort, safety and visibility with 30% more glass and rear-view cameras. Access for routine maintenance has been made easier to ensure the uptime and efficiency of the machine.

The other model, the TD-25, also features improved visibility and safety with 30% more glass in the cab and the inclusion of rear-view cameras. The machine provides an operating weight of 41,250 kg, maximum draw pull of 794 kN, blade capacity of 9.6 cu m (semi-U) to 21 cu m (coal), and maximum ripper penetration of 760 mm (multi-shank) to 1,700 mm (deep single-shank).

A new bogie undercarriage design on the TD-25 gives comfort to the operator, especially on extreme rocky applications and still delivers excellent drawbar pull and productivity. The operator environment has also been improved within the pressurised cab. Special attention has been focused on the operational ergonomics to increase efficiency and reduce fatigue. Upgrades in the suspension and hydraulics further enhance the operator experience by minimising noise and vibration.