Hyundai HX10A mini excavator

Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) has unveiled its HX10A mini excavator, with an operating weight of just 1,000 kg. This new model has a machine width of 730 mm and track width of 700-860 mm.

With its slim design, the HX10A allows for easy transport and excellent access through doorways or operation in confined areas. The mono-boom is mounted on a swing-post, so that the excavator can dig close to a wall or across its entire width. This is particularly useful on small sites where it may not be easy to reposition the machine.

Suitable applications for the HX10A include gardening and landscaping, on construction sites in residential areas, as well as demolition and indoor work. The model offers a tail swing radius of 747 mm, maximum digging depth of 1,766 mm and maximum digging reach 3,092 mm.

The HX10A offers significant benefits for the end-user, providing strong competition in the market sector of micro excavators. The small machine comes standard-equipped with hydraulic hammer piping. The two-column foldable ROPS bar makes it possible to enter buildings via a standard door.

The boom cylinder is top-mounted to prevent potential damage, and servicing of the machine goes quick and easy thanks to the convenient access to the engine. The variable undercarriage increases the stability whenever needed, and the equally extendable dozer blade allows for grading over the full track width.

In addition to the existing Yanmar diesel engine (3TNV70) delivering 9.9 kW of power, the HX10A mini excavator can as an option be operated electrically and emission-free, supplying the same performance characteristics. The Hyundai twin-drive concept is an innovative solution for all applications with zero tolerance for noise and exhaust emission, working indoors and in sensitive areas, such as reconstruction and demolition job in hospitals, homes or commercial zones where operations are ongoing, inside of buildings or halls (including greenhouses) which cannot be contaminated with harmful emissions.

HCE has also introduced its advanced digital technologies related to 5G and artificial intelligence (AI), displayed at bauma 2019. At the show, a separate booth called the ‘Hyundai Connect Room’ was set up to promote the company’s digital technologies. Visitors had the chance to try out a mobile application that manages multiple construction equipment simultaneously, and they could also see the process of remote diagnosis for excavator engines through augmented reality (AR) devices.

With the launch of 5G services in Korea, HCE and SK Telecom offered a demonstration of Live Caster at bauma – which gave a real time, ultra-high definition view of construction sites in Korea to visitors in Germany. According to HCE, the company is the first industry player to have unveiled technologies that enable operators to control equipment and use convenience features like music and news with voice command using Amazon’s Alexa.