New Sandvik DD320S underground drilling jumbo

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology offers a wide range of underground drilling jumbos covering various applications, from small-scale mine development to large-scale tunnelling needs. The latest development in this series is the Sandvik DD320S.

“The new Sandvik DD320S is designed to meet the needs of both mining and tunnelling construction customers, customers who appreciate high drilling performance together with reliability and low operating costs through proven components and simplicity of design,” said Johannes Välivaara, product manager for underground development drills at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.

The Sandvik DD320S is equipped with advanced components such as the THC560 hydraulic drilling controls, B26XLF boom and HLX5 rock drill (20 kW impact power) that will ensure long running hours with minimum downtime. Also, its carrier components, such as the diesel engine and layout, are similar to the Sandvik DD321 technologies, ensuring common service principles and spare parts across the whole fleet.

The Sandvik DD320S is designed for robust heavy-duty drilling and bolting applications, delivering excellent reliability and low operating costs, optimised for 43 – 64 mm diameter bore holes and 76 – 127 mm reaming holes.

The Sandvik DD320S is available with an optional FOPS / ROPS (ISO 3449 / 3471) operator cabin, and comes with ergonomic hand rails and anti-slip surface stairs as standard. The platform provides a comfortable drilling control and tramming stations, (optional) movement prevention switch and access detector, as well as a new compressor thermal monitoring system.

According to Sandvik, the DD320S has been widely tested in cooperation with Sargin Construction and Machinery Inc, a mine contractor at Esan Balya Mine in the western part of Turkey. “The outcome of the tests at Balya mine showed us that the drilling performance and reliability of Sandvik DD320S was well above the given benchmark compared to other OEM machines operating at the same mine site. At the end of the trial, both we and the customer were very impressed about the figures,” said Mr Välivaara.