Grouting made easy with ChemGrout

The ChemGrout Geotech series can pump a wide variety of materials, including neat cement, high ratio sand/cement, bentonites and non-shrink grout. These simple, easy-to-use grout plants offer a balanced design and are ready for jobsite operation.

Both the mixer and pump feature centrally located, variable speed controls for quick adjustment. The mixer utilises specially designed blades and baffles that develop a high shearing action, ensuring a rapid and thorough mixing process.

The mixer, hopper and grout pump are a balanced system allowing the mixer to stay ahead of the pump to deliver a continuous output of material. After mixing, the material is transferred to the lower hopper through a large slide gate designed to handle high ratio sand/cement, neat cement and non-shrink grout. This efficient use of a holding hopper enables a new batch to be mixed while the first is being pumped.

The Geotech series is equipped with a single acting, variable speed CG-031 piston pump that can handle materials ranging from fluid slurries to heavily sanded grouts. This piston pump provides ease of operation and low cost of maintenance. The staple lock construction holds all working components together, allowing parts to be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance. The pump can also be disassembled and reassembled quickly by using a hammer.

The compact skid mounted versions of the Geotech series are available in air, hydraulic, gas/hydraulic, electric/hydraulic and diesel/hydraulic power options. The trailer mounted CG555/GT is available in a single tank design and is a fully integrated system, combining mixer, pump and power system.

In addition, the ChemGrout CG460/2X8 HP colloidal series is specially designed for the grouting of hollow bars, tiebacks and ground anchors. The machine has two high-shear colloidal 265-l mixing tanks, and a double acting, high-pressure plunger 2X8 grout pump.

The dual colloidal mixing tanks allow for independent mixing of flushing and structural grouts. Each mixer is equipped with variable-speed, high-efficiency, high shear disks rotating at speeds of up to 3,000 rpm for rapid and thorough mixing. The tank outlet valves feature a large 4-in butterfly type that assures full material flow into pump suction. The 2X8 plunger grout pump delivers 57 l/min and 138 bar, and an optional 3X8 pump delivers 76 l/min and 69 bar.

The CG460 grout plant is available in a variety of power options, including air, hydraulic, electric/hydraulic (25 hp electric motor), and diesel/hydraulic (33 hp Kubota engine). Both electric and diesel models require a separate skid-mounted power pack.