Snorkel’s new S3019E electric slab scissor lift

The new Snorkel S3019E electric slab scissor lift recently made its global debut as a pre-production model at bauma. Customer orders for CE and ANSI units were available during the show, and the lift is expected to be in full production by the fourth quarter of 2019.

The S3019E features a patent-pending design that enables the scissor stack to stow entirely inside the chassis. This provides a low step-in height for the operator, which improves the ease of ingress and egress from the platform. It also results in a lower stowed machine height, of just 1.76 m, so it can be driven through standard doorways without the need for folding guardrails. According to Snorkel, the lift is already compliant with the upcoming ANSI A.92 standards that come into effect in December 2019.

New for Snorkel scissor lifts, the S3019E is equipped with both electric drive and electric steer, meaning there are no hydraulic hoses. This eliminates the risk of hydraulic leaks, making the lift ideal for use in sensitive areas, and improves the duty cycle as there is less energy loss compared to hydraulic driven units.

The Snorkel S3019E can lift up to 250 kg to a maximum platform height of 5.79 m. Measuring just 0.77 m wide, the lift is equipped with a 0.91 m roll-out extension deck that expands the maximum working area to 0.61 m x 2.6 m. Weighing 1,581 kg, the battery-powered S3019E has non-marking tyres as standard, and is rated for one person plus tools for outdoor use.

“We believe that the Snorkel S3019E will disrupt the standard convention of what a slab scissor lift is,” said Matthew Elvin, CEO of Snorkel. “In terms of safety, the low step-in height is a major benefit, as a large proportion of jobsite accidents occur when operators are entering and exiting the working platform. From a productivity standpoint, the overall low stowed height eliminates the need to fold down guardrails, and the electric drive and electric steering provide a long duty cycle, and zero inside turning radius for greater manouevrability on the job.”

In addition, the first CE compliant Snorkel S3215L is now available to order globally, and shares many features with the Snorkel electric slab scissor lift family.

The S3215L was introduced to the North American market in 2018, as a lightweight yet robust electric slab scissor lift, designed for use in areas with low floor loadings. Delivering a platform height of up to 4.6 m, the S3215L has a lift capacity of 305 kg yet weighs just 952 kg with a floor loading at maximum capacity of just 951.9 kg/sq m.