Power Curber 5700-C slipform paver

The Power Curber 5700-C slipform paver is ideal for a variety of applications, including curb & gutter and rehab; barrier/parapet applications; sidewalk, no-mow strips and wide paving; and special applications such as tunnels, canals, ditch liners, stadium risers, slotted drain, and agricultural applications.

The 5700-C features a compact design, allowing operators to work on tight spaces like parking lot corners, islands and cul-de-sacs. The machine has a low centre of gravity, making it stable on rough subgrade and when loading and unloading. The operator can have an excellent view of concrete as it exits the mould, and also good visibility of all activity around the machine. For simple operation, the 5700-C turns tight radii by steering the front track only, eliminating the complication of coordinating all three tracks together. However, all crawler steering is available as an option. 

The 5700-C is fitted with an auger conveyor. The high-drive, high torque auger moves volume concrete faster; keeps the machine cleaner; continues the mixing process of the concrete; holds a 3/4 cu m of concrete, which is beneficial in radius and cul-de-sac work; and conveys concrete regardless of the incline angle of the conveyor. The charge hopper can be positioned in front of the machine, allowing a concrete truck to run lined up in front of the machine and thus enabling the operator to pour in a single lane of traffic.

The mould mount on the 5700-C moves hydraulically, giving the operator the ability to raise, lower and side-shift the mould quickly and easily. With 610 mm of horizontal movement and 406 mm vertical, the mould can be lowered into a trench for rehab curb or for pouring adjacent to existing pavement.

The stout 1.07-m-wide carbide-tooth trimmer handles the toughest of subgrade, minimising the dependence on the grading contractor. Ideally the trimmer cuts 25-50 mm of subgrade, but is capable of trimming up to 150 mm in extreme situations. 

The standard setup of the 5700-C is for left side pouring but there is a dual side pouring option. Changeover from side to side is said to take three to four hours.

The Smart Amp control system on the 5700-C combines the simplicity of analogue with the added benefits of a digital controller. The system offers the operator more accuracy and greater feel when setting sensitivity, without complexity. It performs self-diagnostics, automatically shuts off sensors if they leave the stringline, and has an easy-to-read digital display.