Aquella system expedites underground waterproofing

GCP Applied Technologies offers the Aquella waterproofing system, which is designed to deliver high performance, durable waterproofing for heavily reinforced soil-retaining walls such as diaphragm walls or contiguous bored pile walls.

“In countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, the use of heavily reinforced walls is popular for below-ground construction because it accelerates project completion time,” said Robert AuYeung, director of marketing for Asia Pacific at GCP Applied Technologies. “However, it is susceptible to leak problems, which leads to high repair costs and construction delays. We engineered the Aquella waterproofing system to specifically address the challenge of waterproofing heavily reinforced steel walls when building deep basements, tunnels and mass rapid transit projects.”

GCP explained that in Southeast Asia, contractors often encounter underground conditions that are damp and wet. With limited waterproofing options, they typically use waterproofed concrete but often find the results unsatisfactory for this application. In response to this, GCP developed the Aquella waterproofing system to provide a reliable and easy-to-apply solution for contractors and engineers in the region.

The Aquella system is a tri-component, spray-applied, high performance membrane especially developed for waterproofing earth-retaining structures. This polymer-modified liquid waterproofing system enables direct application onto damp substrate surfaces, such as contiguous bored pile walls, secant pile walls and diaphragm walls. It enables excellent bond and seal around rebar and tie rod penetration to reduce long-term repair costs, and offer excellent weather and exposure resistance for schedule flexibility.

The system allows a dual adhesion bond to both the substrate and the subsequent poured concrete. This helps to prevent lateral water migration of up to 10 bar of hydrostatic pressure, said GCP, and results in a durable and effective barrier against water ingress.

Aquella waterproofing is easy to use, because it is spray applied - this expedites the construction process while providing a tight waterproof seal. It is also solvent free and can be cold applied so it does not require hot works, making it safer for workers and more environment-friendly.

In addition to Aquella waterproofing, GCP offers a complete waterproofing system, which includes the Preprufe pre-applied waterproofing system, Bituthene self-adhesive waterproofing system, Silcor liquid-applied waterproofing system, Hydroduct drainage composites, Adcor waterstops and joint protection systems, as well as De Neef resin injection systems. GCP also offers an extensive range of fully compatible waterproofing products and accessories for effective protection of foundations. 