Meisterstadt Batam on track to complete first phase

The Meisterstadt Batam development in Indonesia has recently topped out its second residential tower. Once completed, the entire project will cover a land space of over 8.6 ha comprising an 860,000-sq-ft mega-mall (Pollux Mall Batam), eight residential towers, a hotel, a hospital and a 350-m office building featuring 100 storeys.

The developer, Pollux Habibie International, intends to complete the construction of four residential towers - known as the Wunderbar Residences - and a portion of Pollux Mall Batam by this year, as the first phase of the Meisterstadt Batam project. By the second quarter of 2020, visitors are expected to be able to visit the mall.

“We’re heartened to be so close to bringing the first phase of Meisterstadt Batam to both the locals and the many tourists visiting the island. This is just a small step in our long-term vision to transform Batam Island. After Phase 1, we look forward to unveiling more groundbreaking constructions that will become iconic landmarks of the Batam skyline,” said Ilham Habibie, president commissioner of Pollux Habibie International.

According to the developer, residents who purchased units in the first two towers of the Wunderbar Residences can also look forward to moving in next year.

At the moment, the first three towers of the Wunderbar Residences have already been launched. The final tower is planned to be launched later this month. The topping-off ceremonies for the third and last towers are scheduled to take place in the first week of April and May 2019 respectively.