AECOM and OCG partner for Asia infrastructure projects
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AECOM and Oriental Consultants Global (OCG) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deliver innovative and successful social, environmental and transit infrastructure projects across Asia. This preferred partner agreement between the two companies will allow for joint financial and resourcing arrangements to compete for the largest and most complex infrastructure projects in the region.

“As Japan continues to increase its support for infrastructure development across the Asia region, the strategic partnership formed by AECOM and Oriental Consultants Global will bring together our respective expertise, experience and insights to fulfil the transformational and often extremely complex projects that are being envisioned,” said Sean Chiao, AECOM’s president for Asia Pacific. “Our joint business plan includes formalising mutual growth objectives aligned with the US-Japan Partnership for Infrastructure Investment in Third Countries.”

“In an effort to build upon the US-Japan Partnership, we’re proud to partner with AECOM to further develop transformative infrastructure projects across Asia,” said Eiji Yonezawa, president of OCG.

The U.S.-Japan Partnership for Infrastructure Investment in Third Countries has been developed to address development challenges, increase connectivity, and promote economic growth in the Asia Pacific region.

“Since the US-Japan partnership, there has been a significant increase in overseas investment by Japanese public and private organisations,” said Saito Hiroshi, head of Japanese overseas investment at AECOM. “In partnership with OCG, we are well-suited to help high-growth nations across Asia create safer, cleaner and more connected communities.”