Kobelco crawler cranes for various tasks and heavy lifting

Kobelco Construction Machinery offers hydraulic crawler cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 300 t (standard) and 350 t with an SHL (Super Heavy Lift) specification. The models include the CKS3000 (Standard), CKE3000G (Europe) and CK3300G-2 (North America), which were introduced to the global market earlier this year.

All of them (CK3300G-2, CKE3000G and CKS3000) represent the largest models of Kobelco’s multipurpose crawler crane in the CK/CKE/CKS series. The company highlighted that the basic concept of these new machines is versatile and all rounder. The standard CKS3000 is powered by an EU Stage IIIA/US Tier 3 engine and has a boom length of 90 m, maximum fixed jib combination of 78 m + 30 m, maximum luffing jib combination of 60 m + 66 m, and heavy fixed jib combination of 72 m + 30.5 m. The SHL specification features a boom length of 102 m and maximum luffing jib combination of 84 m + 90 m.

Due to the recent increase in weights and dimensions of construction materials and heights of high-rise buildings, mobile cranes are required to have a higher lifting capacity as well as improved productivity and safety, said Kobelco. Responding to such needs, the company thus developed the new ‘all rounder’ cranes that can perform a wide variety of tasks on different jobsites as well as handling very heavy lifts in large-scale projects.

Various types of attachments are available on the new cranes, ranging from standard crane configuration - including fixed jib, heavy fixed jib and luffing jib, which are suitable for multipurpose works - to the super heavy lift configuration, including luffing jib, for the heaviest lifts. These attachments provide ideal solutions for individual jobsite requirements. The new cranes have also been designed to be as compatible as possible with the other Kobelco crane models - for example, their jibs and pallet weights.

In addition, the new cranes provide an excellent lifting capacity. Compared to the Kobelco 250 t CKE2500G-2 – the company’s best-selling model - the load moment in the standard crane specification is 40% higher and 60% higher in the standard luffing configuration. The SHL specification can compete with the 400-500 t classes (standard crane specification).

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Above: In addition to the CKS3000, the other two new models include the CK3300G-2 for North America (left), and the CKE3000G for Europe (right).

To achieve maximum ease of operation, the new cranes’ specifications are optimised for the actual jobsite environment. The undercarriage has been improved so that the cranes can operate on rough ground jobsites, with high ground clearance and superior propelling performance, while minimising the overall footprint. The cranes are also fitted with Kobelco hydraulic control system. In order to correspond to specific jobsite needs, a free-fall winch (optional) is available as well.

The cabin features an operator-friendly environment with better comfort and safety, and also ease of operation. The extra-wide windows and tilt mechanism offer good visibility. An intuitive-designed Moment Limiter monitor makes it simple for users to quickly master the operation with easily understandable pictograms and a touch screen panel. As an added safety function, a working range limiter will assist the operator in preventing collisions.

According to Kobelco, the cranes conform to the local transport regulations. The transport width is less than 3 m for all components and the main machine’s weights can be adjusted with some variations in order to meet transport restrictions. A self-assembly system is available for crawlers, lower boom, carbody weights and counterweights.