Express 150T glass lifter improves safety and efficiency
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Quattrolifts’ new Express 150T allows users to lift glass weighing up to 100 kg above doorways and entrances with greater safety and efficiency. The machine is lightweight and can be easily transported to site by one person. It can also be assembled quickly, resulting in cost- and time-savings.

The highlight of Express 150T is its removable mast extension, which is used for the installation or removal of glass above entrances and doorways. When the mast is removed, the machine’s lifting capacity increases to 150 kg, making it a versatile tool for most basic glazing jobs. Additional features include the 2 mm x 250 mm vacuum cups, an extendable wheelbase for better stability, the ability to pivot glass 90° to the side for doorways and rotate glass 360°.

The Express 150T can also be fitted with other optional features such as a side shift, lower forward extension, frame lifter for handling windows and a battery powered vacuum pump.

The Quattrolifts range of products was developed by Ricardo Carlei, a chiropractor who runs his own health and safety consultancy in Australia, Quantum Workhealth Programmes that specialises in minimising occupational manual handling risks. Through his extensive work with some glass manufacturers and glazing businesses, Mr Carlei became aware of the risks and injuries associated with the manual handling of glass. As a result, he established Quattrolifts to develop mechanical devices that would reduce the risk of injury while handling heavy glass.

There are currently more than 10 standard machines in the Quattrolifts product range, with options and modifications that expand the range to over 20 product lines. These products are available globally - in Australia, the US, Europe and Asia, among others.

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Above: Express 150T without the mast attached (left) and with the mast.

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