Motors, engines and radio control systems
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VST Diesel Engines Pvt Ltd (MVDE) will showcase its diesel engines, ranging from 10 to 160 hp, for various applications such as construction equipment, power generators, light towers and agricultural machinery, among others.

There are seven models available, including MVL2E, MVL3E, MVS3L2, MVS4L2, MV S4L2-T, S4S and S6K-T. These four-cycle, liquid cooled diesel engines feature a compact and lightweight design. Being environment-friendly with low noise, they are easy to install and simple to maintain.

MVDE is 97 percent owned subsidiary of MHI, Japan. In India, MVDE manufactures industrial diesel engines at its Mysore plant.

NBB Controls + Components GmbH will exhibit its radio control systems. Among the highlights is PocketEvo, a transmitter for extreme use. The device’s integrated rubber surface is combined and strengthened with a strong fibre glass plastic, which is protected against mechanical damage from outside.

PocketEvo is IP65 resistant against dust and water, and has proportional or stepped, customised push buttons. It also features a modular design, with different sizes.

Nord Drive Systems Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Getreibebau Nord based in Germany, will display its geared motors, electric motors and drive electronics. Nord has extended its industrial gear unit range by adding a new size with a190 kNm output torque. The series now comprises nine sizes and covers torques from 25 to 250 kNm. The addition of the new size (14 units) allows for configurations tailored more precisely to individual applications.

Featuring a single-piece Unicase housing as is standard for all Nord gear units, they achieve a longer bearing life than gear casings manufactured from jointed parts and ensure efficient power transmission and high tolerance for load peaks and jolts.

They can be assembled as two or three-stage helical inline or helical bevel gearboxes with nominal transmission ratios from 7.1:1 to 400:1, or even up to 30,000:1 with an auxiliary primary stage. The input and output direction can be freely selected. Nord industrial gear units can be mounted on any of the six sides. The manufacturer configures industrial geared motors for a diverse range of uses, from steel works to process plants.

Application-specific features and options include reinforced bearings and shafts, extra-large bearing distance, extended output shafts, and dry-well designs with an additional oil drip disc and a leakage oil display or oil sensor. Disc and drum brakes, dual-gear setups, auxiliary motors, IEC motor adapters, turbo couplings, axial fans, motor swing bases, torque limiting backstops, and cooling and heating systems are available as well.

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