Sandvik introduces ‘My Rock Tools Analyze’ for rock tools customers

Digitalisation has been one of the most significant developments in the construction and mining industries for decades. To this end, Sandvik Rock Tools has launched a new solution, My Rock Tools Analyze. It is a mobile application specifically designed to conduct failure and discard analysis, and also to provide advice and guidance in a customer report – all remotely.

The aim of My Rock Tools Analyze is to determine the root cause of the failure or discard reason of the rock tool, which would prevent it from happening again and in turn help to improve future performance.

“Sandvik Rock Tools suite of digital solutions serves our customers in a number of ways, and we are now very happy to be able to add My Rock Tools Analyze in order to offer easy-to-use remote support for failure and discard analysis. With it, customers can ultimately increase productivity and profitability by using the analysis results to improve their drilling operations,” said Charles Macfadyen, digital solutions, Rock Tools Division, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.

The application is easy to use: customers receive an invitation from Sandvik to log in, download the app (available both for iOS and Android), provide some key product information, take a few photos of their worn out tool and then send it to Sandvik for analysis and feedback.

“A big part of Sandvik’s DNA is continuous improvement in close collaboration with our customers, and My Rock Tools Analyze does precisely that, in a user friendly, fast and remote way. We truly believe that this will help our customers and us both in the short and long term,” added Mr Macfadyen.

The My Rock Tools Analyze application is available for all Sandvik Rock Tools customers and can now be downloaded in App Store and Google Play Store.

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