Hamm H CompactLine and H-series compactors

Hamm presented its state-of-the-art compactors at Conexpo 2020, among which were the H CompactLine comprising models up to 7 t and the H-series that includes models between 10- and 25-t. All of the compactors have three-point articulation for even weight distribution and superior driving stability. They also stand out for their ease of operation, great visibility, high level of safety, excellent productivity, wealth of equipment variants and wide range of options.

The smaller compactors in the H CompactLine are ideal for small or confined construction sites. Hamm is believed to be the only manufacturer that offers models with VIO drums, in addition to the usual equipment variants. Thanks to this, the rollers can compact with oscillation or vibration.

The H 5i and H 7i CompactLine compactors feature weights between 5- and 7-t respectively (drum widths of 1.37 m or 1.68 m) with an extremely compact design. The H 7i model measures approximately 4.4 m - it is said to be the world’s shortest compactor in this weight class. These compactors provide an outstanding ground clearance due to their traction drive using wheel motors, while the design of the front section enables a large slope angle.

Furthermore, the H CompactLine compactors have an excellent climbing ability of up to 60%. They are highly versatile owing to numerous options. Customers can choose between smooth and padfoot drums as well as two-part padfoot shells. The H 7i is also available with a VIO drum, capable of compacting with either vibration or oscillation.

The Hamm H-series compactors cover a huge spectrum of earthwork applications. The machines are fitted with smooth or padfoot drums. Thanks to the Easy Drive operating concept, all models are easy to operate and comfortable. Hamm is reportedly the only manufacturer in the world to offer a VIO drum for compactors in this class.

With the VIO drum, the H-series models can compact with oscillation or vibration as desired. Another highlight is their high linear load. Added to this is the large slope angle and enormous climbing ability that allow the compactors to work effectively even on slopes of up to 60%. There are numerous options for them as well, including padfoot segments, vibration plates and dozer blades.

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