New Grove GMK6400-1 all-terrain crane

The new 400-t Grove GMK6400-1 from Manitowoc sets new standards in the 400 t – 450 t class. It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the GMK6400, but includes additional reach, enabling it to take on jobs that usually require a seven-axle (or even eight-axle) crane.

The GMK6400-1 has a main boom of 60 m. When fitted with its full complement of jib, it can achieve a maximum tip height of 136 m. The crane also boasts a compact design, with a length of 17.5 m and boom overhang of 1.8 m. Plus, it offers the MAXbase outrigger option for better flexibility in on-site positioning.

The capacity-enhancing MegaWingLift attachment is available as an option for the GMK6400-1 and the self-rigging addition can be ready in less than 20 minutes, without the need for an assist crane. This attachment increases lifting capacities up to 70% and makes the crane well-suited to applications such as bridge construction, wind farm work or tower crane assembly, while the crane is also likely to prove popular in general construction or on petrochemical or industrial plants.

Unlike the GMK6400, the GMK6400-1 is fitted with Manitowoc’s crane control system (CCS), including boom configurator mode, while operators will enjoy the latest GMK carrier cabin with its larger space and better visibility.

“We have upgraded this crane to use all of the latest technological advances, including our crane control system (CCS) and MAXbase variable outrigger system, which increases capacities on the main boom,” said Andreas Cremer, vice president of product management for all-terrain cranes at Manitowoc. “On top of that, its easy and fast setup enables it to handle more work in a day.

The new the GMK6400-1 has a single engine, just like the GMK6400, although the hydraulic system is improved. With Linde hydraulics in the superstructure there is a higher oil flow, which in turn delivers higher operating speeds. The new engine conforms to the latest requirements for both Tier 4 emissions standards and Euromot 5. Movement both on and off the road is seamless, thanks to its driveline that includes the Megatrak suspension system and the Megadrive hydrostatic drive for on-site positioning.

Mr Cremer said, “Our ongoing investment in lean manufacturing under The Manitowoc Way operating system is delivering improved quality and reliability, which is better for our cranes and better for our customers. We have invested a lot of engineering hours into making our cranes more durable, and through the work of our product verification centres, we have partnered with our suppliers to improve the reliability of the components in all of our Grove cranes.”