Skyjack unveils highest reaching scissor lift

The new SJ9263 RT from Skyjack is the last model in the company’s new range of full-size rough terrain scissor lifts, providing a working height of 21.03 m (69 ft). The unit is capable of working at six stories, making it ideal for rental companies.

The SJ9263 RT is rated for four people and offers a platform that spans 7.12 m with the dual extension deck option. The scissor lift also shares common features with the rest of the full-size range including Skyjack’s axle-based four-wheel drive, Axldrive, Smartorque engine, pairing peak performance with low maintenance, and fully accessible service components.

With the SJ9263 RT being a brand new class for Skyjack, the company will ensure it took the time needed for additional testing and redesign prior to launch. The scissor lift is currently in its final stage of testing and is expected to be in full production at Skyjack’s Ontario facility starting in the second quarter of 2020. 

“We wanted to ensure this machine matches the rest of our product line in the sense that when it comes to market, it is a simple and reliable product,” said Corey Connolly, product manager at Skyjack. “The market was stuck between what’s always been offered and niche products that come with higher acquisition costs, so we wanted to keep the design simple and at a price point that makes sense for our customers.”