Brokk offers G32 grapple for soft demolition, separation and sorting

The compact Brokk G32 grapple is specially designed for the Brokk 70, the company’s most compact machine, increasing versatility and efficiency for interior and top-down demolition applications.

The Brokk 70 demolition robot boasts 9.8 kW of power with a hydraulic output of 5.5 kW. At just 880 mm high and 597 mm wide, the machine fits through narrow doorways and into tight spaces, making it excellent for interior demolition applications. And with a base weight of just 560 kg, it can be transported on an ordinary passenger elevator, making it ideal for top-down demolition projects in urban areas.

When paired with the Brokk 70, the G32 can provide significant time and cost savings over manual methods for soft demolition applications in tight, confined spaces. The grapple features a 32.5-cm jaw opening. One fixed and one movable jaw means the G32 firmly grasp structural elements such as drywall, ceiling sections, piping and HVAC ducts, while a 360-degree hydraulic rotation circuit allows for fast and accurate positioning. Using the Brokk machine in these situations eliminates the need for harnessed workers on ladders or scaffolding manually cutting or pulling down structural elements.

In addition, the precision and flexibility of the remote-controlled demolition machine with the grapple attachment makes it easy to pick up and sort even small debris. Boltable grip plates facilitate picking and sorting, allowing operators to complete those tasks without switching attachments.