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Emirates NBD Entrusts Gemalto with Mobile Security

Gemalto , the world leader in digital security, has supplied Emirates NBD, a leading Middle East banking group, with Gemalto Mobile Suite that offers robust security and an enhanced end user experience across all its digital channels.

Highlights of the Gemalto platform include the 'Smart Pass' service, which speeds the authentication of digital banking transactions by eliminating the need for customers to wait for a OTP (One Time Password) via SMS.

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Agent Vi Leadership Among Security.World’s Top 12 Global Market Influencers for 2017

Agent Video Intelligence CEO Itsik Kattan, and CTO and video analytics pioneer Zvika Ashani, are credited with “creating a veritable shift in the surveillance industry” with a move towards cloud-based SaaS

Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi™), the leading global provider of video analytics solutions, today announced that CEO Itsik Kattan, together with CTO and Co-founder Zvika Ashani, have been named among the Top 12 Physical Security and Video Surveillance Market Influencers for 2017 by industry publication Security.World. Readers were polled on “who they thought had great insight into the physical security and video surveillance markets, and whose market advice should be followed.”

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Honeywell’s Smart Home Security System Gives You an Easy Way to Guard Your Home

Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe shouldn’t be a complicated endeavor, especially with the plethora of smart home devices on the market today. But as useful as many of these products may be, setup can sometimes be something of a doozy. Not so with the self-installed Smart Home Security System from Honeywell, an Alexa-enabled defense system that just about any homeowner can figure out and use.

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EU to Collect Biometrics of all Visitors, Could Include Post-Brexit UK citizens

The European Parliament has approved a new entry/exit system (ESS) to store the biometric information of all non-EU citizens visiting in and out of the EU Schengen area, which could also include British citizens, post-Brexit, according to a report by Computer Weekly.

As part of the Smart Borders package, the electronic system will comprise of a central database storing the name, travel document, fingerprints, facial image, date and place of entry, exit and entry refusal of every third-country national – including visa-exempt travellers – coming to and from the EU Schengen area.

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Honeywell Building Technologies To Aid Rajkot Smart City and Surveillance Goals

The project for Gujarat’s fourth-largest city includes more than 450 integrated closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) and Wi-Fi at 13 key public places, supported by software and servers across 107 strategic locations in the city.

Honeywell, a global leader in Connected Buildings, announced its project with Rajkot Municipal Corporation and Rajkot Police to implement a smart city command-and-control center along with a citywide surveillance system. The project for Gujarat’s fourth-largest city includes more than 450 integrated closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) and Wi-Fi at 13 key public places, supported by software and servers across 107 strategic locations in the city.

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Hikvision Boosts Video Surveillance System Performance with New DeepinView Camera Series

Hangzhou, China - Hikvision, the world's leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has followed up its launch of the world's first Deep Learning NVRs with a new series of IP cameras. The new "DeepinView" IP Camera Series delivers power and intelligence to boost the value of surveillance system performance across a broad range of security and management applications.

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Dynamic Lockdown With Abloy at UK Security Expo

Security expert Abloy UK is inviting visitors to Stand L19 at the UK Security Expo 2017 to discuss the latest innovations in access control technology and how compliant escape solutions can contribute to dynamic lockdown.

Taking place on 29-30th November 2017 at London’s Olympia Centre, UK Security Expo is the premier global security showcase.The risk of terrorism has increased significantly in recent years, posing a security challenge for many organisations. Procedures must be developed to provide a quick response to any fast-moving incident, to make sure sites can be dynamically locked down.

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Delhi Police Aims to Adopt AI, Self-learning Tools for Smart Policing by 2020

The Delhi Police, by 2020, aspires to adopt “technology based policing” by using smart policing, artificial intelligence, and self-learning systems among other advanced technologies, it was announced on Friday.

The plan was discussed in a review meeting chaired by Lt Governor Anil Baijal on the future of Delhi Police.

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Coming soon: Security Robots that Patrol Streets or Guard Your Home

The security guard of the future is an all-seeing robot, endowed with laser scanning, thermal imaging, 360-degree video and sensors for all kinds of signals.Only, the future is now. Dozens of the self-propelled, wheeled robots are already on patrol in places like the Golden 1 Center arena in Sacramento, a residential development near Tampa, and at venues in Boston, Atlanta and Dallas.

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Spotlight on the Evolution of Security Tech

AI-enabled security systems can adapt, learn and evolve to offer improved protection from attackers.

Throughout history, there have and always will be people who simply want to take what isn’t theirs. The desire to thwart burglars and keep the home safe and secure goes all the way back to before the ancient Romans, who used domesticised dogs and even geese to keep intruders and unwanted guests at bay. Today, we’re a long way from relying on geese to sound the alarm, with automated alarm systems and security cameras being the norm in households and businesses alike.