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Smart City to Develop Fast Amid AI, IoT Applications, Says Expert

The raging development of AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing applications will bring drastic changes to human life, and smart cities, particularly, will see the fastest fermentation, with smart street lights to serve as the best carrier of smart transportation development as they can be fitted with diverse sensors to help different cities address problems with cloud and AI technologies, Tony An, CMO and COO of Lite-On Technology's Smart Life and Applications Unit, has said in a recent interview with Digitimes.

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Middle East Homeland Security Revenues to Double by 2022 Reaching US$19.7 Billion – Research

Saudi Arabia and UAE dominate regional market as global players respond to growing demand at Intersec 2018

The Middle East homeland security market is on course for significant growth over the next five years, with revenues more than doubling in value from an estimated US$9.6 billion in 2017 to US$19.7 billion by 2022, new research has revealed.

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GJD Launches External D-TECT Anti-Pet Dual Technology PIR Detector

GJD expands its D-TECT range with a pet tolerant outdoor detector

GJD, an award winning manufacturer of professional external detector equipment, today announced the launch of its external D-TECT Anti-Pet. The new technology incorporates two PIR’s, microwave, anti-masking and a built in anti-sway system.

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Security Practices Enter Spotlight after Las Vegas Shooting

Like a sharp poker player, Las Vegas casinos keep their cards close to their vests when it comes to security.

Few, if any, are willing to say how many security personnel they have on staff, how many work during a particular shift and exactly what training they receive. That picture might become a lot clearer when judges start to hear cases filed by victims of the Oct. 1 massacre by a shooter at Mandalay Bay.

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Dahua Collaborates JVSG to Optimize Surveillance System Planning

Dahua Technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, announced its partnership with IPICA, Ltd. (widely known as JVSG), a professional CCTV design software company. Starting early December of 2017, JVSG’s IP Video System Design Tool supports most of Dahua video products. Users can visualize, automate and standardize the planning, design and analysis of video surveillance system comprises Dahua IP cameras and recorders.

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Surveillance Cameras Near Changing Rooms Raise Privacy Concerns

With the holidays here, many are spending more time at the malls, but for one woman, a shopping trip was spoiled after she says she felt her privacy was violated while visiting a clothing store inside Yorkdale Mall.Crystal Jardine was inside Honey on Saturday trying on a dress, when she says her mom noticed a camera planted over the change rooms.

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Massive Deployment of Face Recognition Systems in Moscow

Moscow has been bringing CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) security to the next level, through a partnership that brings artificial intelligence to bear in ways that will make face recognition more accurate and more intuitive. Moscow’s Department of Information Technologies has recently finished deploying a city-wide, 160,000-camera video surveillance system that integrates facial recognition technology from NtechLab. Yet only a portion of those is currently active, due to the cost of implementing the technology.

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Occly LLC Introduces the First Wearable Body Cam Alarm System for the Security and Industrial Safety Industries

Occly LLC manufacturers the first wearable Body Cam Alarm System, featuring four cameras that capture nearly 280 degrees around a worker to provide employee safety and protection. The system continuously records an employee's environment, compressing, encrypting and storing them on the Occly hardware.

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Melco Plans Facial Recognition System for Japan Casino, Promises Government Access

Hong Kong-based casino operator Melco Resorts & Entertainment has announced plans for a new facility in Japan that will make extensive use of facial recognition technology.

In a statement announcing the new resort, Melco asserted that “the world’s most advanced facial recognition technology” will be “integrated throughout the entire property” to allow for “responsible gaming and security.”

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Dahua Smart Locks Combine Convenience and Safety in One

A safer home starts with a smarter lock! As a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, Dahua Technology released new series of smart locks - Bluetooth Series and Bluetooth &Wireless 433 series to bring enhanced and more convenient protection to people.